Welcome to the Village Gourmet!

We offer authentic gourmet breads not found in ordinary bakeries. Using international procedures and processes, our products pass strict quality control after intensive research and development.

Our Vision Statement

To be the prime manufacturer and supplier of trusted gourmet products with nationwide and regional distribution.

Our Mission Statement

To provide our valued customers with quality, consistent and safe products through world -class facilities and effective, efficient and flexible processes thereby generating a substantial return for all stakeholders.

The commitment is made possible through the active support of management and determined collective effort of trained and experienced employees, guided by the company core values- Integrity, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect for People, Quality Focus and Resourcefulness.

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From several years of consistent dedication and endless passion in providing our customers and clients with safe and of top quality products...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Village Gourmet for inquiries?

  • You may refer to our "Contact Us" page or simply send an email to marketing@villagegourmet.com.ph

Can I order Gourmet Breads directly from Village Gourmet for my personal/business use?

  • Yes

What information will they look for when I decide to order?

  • Initially, we need to know your (Contact Person, Name of Establishment, Address, Contact No.)
  • The breads you are interested in

How do I order from Village Gourmet?

  • For Orders to be picked up, you may call before 10AM, 2 days before your preferred day of pick up
  • For Deliveries, a minimum of ₱2,000.00 worth of products is required, please contact us for schedule of delivery and other details

What's the shelf life of the breads?

ProductChiller (0-4 °C)Freezer (-18 - -13 °C)
Artisan Breads6 Days21 Days
Other Breads10 Days21 Days

How do I properly store Gourmet breads?

  • Storage temperatures should be consistent. Chill at 0 to 4 °C or freeze at -18 to -13 °C upon receipt. Avoid sudden and/or excessive transfer of products at different storage temperatures as this may hasten mold growth due to temperature abuse.
  • Thawing Procedure: If preferred frozen, thaw the product in chiller for 12 - 24 hours. Avoid refreezing after thawing as it may lead to undesirable organoleptic changes in the quality of the product.

Are there any other branches of Village Gourmet here in the Philippines?

  • Yes, there is also a distribution office at Mandaue Cebu please refer to the "Contact Us" page

Does Village Gourmet have bakeshops or take-out shops?

  • No we don't have stand alone shops. We only distribute in major Supermarkets in Luzon and Cebu. Please refer to the "Find Us" page

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